eLearning Samples

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Supporting Deaf Employees at the Workplace

Purpose: This course was designed to train managers on how to communicate effectively with Deaf employees and provide them with appropriate workplace accommodations.

Tool Used: Articulate Storyline 360


  • Customized drag and drop interaction

  • State changes to show learner's progress

  • Varied knowledge check questions with immediate feedback that align to learning objectives

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Sun Protection 101

This course was designed to provide sun seekers important sun protection strategies to reduce their risk for skin cancer and prevent premature skin aging caused by ultraviolent (UV) rays.

Tools Used: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline 360, Canva


  • Interactive markers for learners to engage with on-screen images

  • Flip card interactions for learners to explore additional information

  • A slider built in Articulate Storyline

  • Images designed in Canva and Microsoft PowerPoint

Click to view Design Document , Job Aid